Inside Out Magazine - Rich Wisken Edition

Hi there,

Congrats on being shortlisted in the Blogster awards in the Lifestyle category. At Inside Out Magazine, we'd like to support this with some online coverage.

If you're happy to take part, could you please email through 3 lines describing your blog, plus 3 images to share with our readers on social mediaOur readers have a massive soft spot for interiors, decorating and homewares, so if you have pictures that tick those boxes, that would be great. Please send these details through in an email with "Blogster Awards" in the subject header. 

All the best,

Lee Tran

Hello Lee,

Naturally I'm over the moon to be a finalist in the Blogster Awards. However, I'm not convinced that my blog belongs in the "Lifestyle" category. The word "Lifestyle" reminds me of when my religious education teacher told our class that homosexuality was a sin, and a "Lifestyle" choice. He would say that though, seeing as he worships an invisible, homo-hating sky fairy. Come to think of it, Inside Out would be an excellent name for a gay porn magazine...

Unfortunately I don't know much about interiors, decoration, or homewares. In all honesty, I'd rather teabag an active volcano than watch ONE episode of The Block. That being said, I know what I like. The three images I've chosen really depict my sense of style, I hope they strike a chord with your readership.


This is my ensuite bathroom (mid-renovation). I suppose I'm aiming to create a minimal/industrial atmosphere. The fluorescent tube lights and white tiles really open up the room, while the factory fittings and copper pipes add to the overall industrial vibe.


I fancy myself as a bit of an amateur cake decorator. As you can see, the icing isn't as smooth as it should be, nor my penmanship as fluid. I hope your readers appreciate my hilarious play on the word happiness. Remember Lee, you can't spell happiness without penis.


I picked up this stunning vase in Amsterdam. Have you ever visited the Dutch capital, Lee? The place is full of vase enthusiasts. The man who sold me this one smelled funny and ate lots of cookies. His was the first homewares store I've been to that also sells mushrooms. I know, weird... 

Anyway, I hope your readers can relate to my style, because I'd very much appreciate their vote. Oh yeah, I forgot the three lines describing my blog. I'm guessing you mean lines from songs or movies, right? 

My blog is:

1) "Fun, fun, fun, fun" - Rebecca Black (Friday)

2) "Too sexy for my cat" - Right Said Fred (I'm Too Sexy)


Designer regards,

Rich Wisken.

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